Hello and welcome to my shiny new blog.  My name is Aaron aka TC Guy, I was born in St. Paul in 1986, raised in South St. Paul and am now residing in Burnsville.  I worked as a debt collector for six years.  Now, aside from being  a full-time student, I’m also an aspiring writer/food critic/entrepreneur/philosopher/philanthropist and I’ve been meaning to get one of these blog things for some time now.  Now that I have one I’ll probably start off with the basics:  discuss my pet peeves (packets of butter at “nice” restaurants) and some of my weird pleasures (awkward eye contact with strangers at red lights).  After that I’ll probably ramp it up by reviewing some of my favorite (and least favorite) twin city restaurants – I consider myself a bit of a burger aficionado – I often “travel” throughout the TC Metro searching for great burgers and other culinary honey holes.  And if I really want to go nuts, I may even share some of my top secret stories from the dirty world that is debt collections. 

On top of everything else, every now and then I plan to post some of the many ideas and theories I’ve been working on the last few years.  The idea might be a movie script I’m working on or an idea for a new non-profit organization I think might save the world.  Whatever the idea is if it’s from me you can count on it being three things:  big, ambitious, and forward-thinking. 

Since I have so much to get out I’m sure it will take me a few days to get going.  Thank you and stay tuned! 

– Twin City Guy


About Aaron

My name is Aaron Michael. I enjoy food, art, media, creativity, awkward eye contat with people at red lights, pictures of you, and natural sunlight. Check out my blog for more info. Or my facebook @ .com/AMSMN Thanks!
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